Glamis Sand Dunes

In 1994 I was 11 years old, I had an XR75 Honda, our house backed on to farm land and the owners gave me permission to ride their entire property.

It was probably in 1996 that a VHS tape called Crusty Demons of Dirt 1 made its way from America to Australia and into my tape player.

That film forever changed the way I looked at the landscape and whats possible on a dirt bike, it etched the name Glamis Sand Dunes into my memory.

Since that day Glamis Sand Dunes has forever been a place I have wanted to visit.

Like just about everything on this trip I had about 2 hours to take it all in.

Making my way south down the Colorado River I raced to get to Glamis before dark.

The light was rapidly decreasing, it was Saturday evening and the RV’s were all setup in their makeshift sand dune city.

The sand dunes started to glow and everyone parked up for the view.

Some headed back to camp while others just sat and appreciated the view.

It was a playground for buggys and motorcycles.

Perfectly shaped bowls of sand lined the horizon.

I have always had a thing for sand rails.

But never a place to use one.

As the sin dipped below the horizon the light bars made navigating home a breeze.

Evening turned to night and the horizon was still lit with LEDs.

Eventually one by one everyone made it back to camp and I continued on west to make my way back to LA and my impending flight home, was I looking forward to it? Not exactly…

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