Load it up! The PS13 project goes on tour.

As depicted in my last post the PS13 is ready to tour the east coast.

After fitting the doors a couple of weeks ago I found out that the stock door trims wouldn’t fit, I cut them up and tried to make something work, I quickly worked out I was just wasting my time and I needed to start from scratch.

I picked up some 1mm alloy sheet and started forming the door trims.

I no longer needed the door locks so all I had to do was create a door opener like I did on the Hilux project.

Once I had everything cut I could start to see the finished product.

I picked up another 3 meters of the same trim I used to cover the dash I made.

Using spray adhesive to make them as one.

Then using 2.5mm pop rivits to attach the factory window seal.

Once attached I rolled the PS13 out into the sunlight, it’s the first days of dalight savings, my favorite time of year, it allows me to get so much more done.

As the sun set I finished off the door handles and could finally call the interior finished.

I am really happy with the finished product.

The felt gives it that “flocked” look.

I made the roll cage follow the line of the seats, I made the door handles follow the line of the rollcage.

It’s all neat and functional.

As the sun dropped lower it started highlighting the features of this build, I just sat back and started appreciating the long road that it took to get to this point.

I work incredibly hard to make everything a hidden feature, I care more about shapes, textures, functionality, workmanship and fitment rather than glossing over brands and colours.

As I prepare to load the car into the trailer for a few months away from home I am relieved that I made it this far.

Tonight I will load it into the trailer and it will sit in darkness till WTAC.

It’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

See you at WTAC!

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