Goodbye Australia

Well tonight I fly out to NZ and kick of the week that I have been looking forward to for a while now. My schedule is relentless, my flights at midnight, I loose 3 hours which means I basically loose the night, then there’s a night full of 4 & Rotary promotions fun times, Friday is all about the unveil night, then Saturday is the Nationals in the show hall, Sunday is drag racing, Monday is a chance to get the car prepped for Tuesdays track day, then Wednesday night I fly back home.

With Fridays unveil evening I have been preparing a slideshow and a script to show and tell people about the entire build. I tried to concentrate on the things most people had not seen before and I even surprised myself, I dug that deep that I found stuff that even I had forgotten about, I don’t reflect on much very often as I am so intent on going forwards and stepping things up, I think I forget about what I had actually gone through.

For me though everything comes down to Tuesdays track day, from your generosity we have invested the Pozible money into hiring the best gear in the business to shoot the Hampton Downs action, you gave us $8,500 and between the camera hire, chase car, octocopter, sound engineer, music we have spent it all and a little more on capturing it for you. True to our word not a dollar has been spent on anything that isn’t directly associated with the film, its easily a $12,000 production and I have absolutely everything crossed that the weather, the gear, my driving and the Hilux will do justice on the level we have gone to with this.

When I slide that helmet over my head, fire up my dream and take off down the straight away I will be thankful for every second inside that car, just one whole day, please just work for one whole day!

Sometimes I wonder if the stress is all worth it, I know the risks associated with everything but I also realize the potential that if everything goes to plan then we will have something so special to share with the world. The investment sure doesn’t match the returns and I keep thinking there has to be a way to make atleast a few dollars off all of this, but in reality its a labor of love and next Thursday when I come straight from the airport back to my work to earn enough $$ to do it all again I will be thankful of the headstart the Pozible Campaign made for us, I will always be thankful that for the public’s support not only in NZ but all over the world.

Thanks and Ill see you in NZ!