ETS Drift Ute – 25 Hour Day


Daylight savings ended today so i had an extra hour, i tell you what i made good use of it!


I washed then entire chassis down in thinners to remove the rust preventative lanolin, i scrubbed every part that was starting to get surface rust back to bright steel and i orginised a massive todo list. (inbetween driving to my parents, picking up a motor and fitting it)


So now we are 8 days out from Andre and Ben arriving from STM HQ in NZ, some people have expressed concern about it being pulled apart so close to completion but to me its piece of mind, i can look at every part individually, make sure its ready to go and then refit each individual item and tighten it ready to go.


Theres a few pieces to this puzzle but each one has its place and each one fits perfectly! By next sunday everything will be back together, with fluids and ready to go!

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  1. It’s like your own Lego Technic set….no instruction book needed.


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