ETS Drift Ute – On any Sunday

Having two days to get stuck into the ute build is just what i and it needed. Waking up after a great sleep i didnt plan to do much today but i had a few ideas, the tools and the material to give it a go. What i came up with was a central tube console that will add strength and safety. Read on for more.

I now feel a lot safer with a “cage” aound the tailshaft to save me if anything happens. All of this is out of 1.5″ tube, there will be another bar heading back from the top of the hoop to the intersect in the rear, its pretty much the last of the tube i need to add, from here on its all going to be 1″ tube, i just have to buy a die for that size to bend it.

I am starting to get the feel of all this tube work, its incredibly satisfieing to look back at what you have accomplished after a few hours working with the notcher and bender. With a stack of work still to go on it i wont be slowing down for another couple of months.

  1. Keep it up Nigel, gonna be so awesome once its done dude

  2. First comment I have made on this build, and I have been following it from the start.

    This is purely awesome with awesome drizzled on top.

    Absolutely cannot wait to see this thing on the track, and just can’t believe how much effort you’ve put into this and the skills you have/achieved throughout. Keep it up!!

    Also, really jealous of all your other cars.

  3. thank fark that other idea u had was just stupid man gota say it lol so keen to see this finished!!!!
    keep up the good work ,tom

  4. Oh Nigel……


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