Mitchell Race Xtreme – Shop Visit

Since starting my ute project i see cars differently, looking at them now i see ideas, skills, workmanship and pride. Incorperating all this into your own build is one thing but doing it for others is another thing all together. I visited Mitchell Race Xtreme in Hamilton NZ to take a look at where the magic happens.

I found exactly what i wanted i to see, the tools the faces and the ideas behind the wild projects these guys take on.

The RX3 Supercar these guys are building is beyond belief, unfortunately i didn’t see it at the shop but there were plenty of other cars on the go like this 1965 Mustang notchback.

The vision, time and finish these guys add into the race cars of New Zealand is inspiring, thanks for allowing me a shop visit guys. Be sure to vote for them in the PFC industry awards