ETS Drift Ute – Flooring It!

The updates on the ETS Drift Ute have been slow, mainly due to a long wait on my chromoly tube. This has allowed me to perfect a few areas i wasnt happy with. Its now to the stage where its ready for its tube.  

A lot of work went in to the actuall jig, theres more steel in the jig than there is in the chassis, this has allowed me to position everything where it needs to be, move it around and work on a constant flat area.

The floor section and front rails are the base for the chassis, the tube will be welded directly to the base. Theres still a heap of steel to go in to the floor. The floor will all be mig welded and the cage will all be tig welded.

The outer body skin simply slips over the top, bolting onto the chassis and doing nothing more than putting a roof over my head, somewhere to bolt doors and sit windows in.

Front rails measure 100mm overall skinnier than that of an S15, that gives me more room for huge lock, the caster rod mounts are also moved inwards just enough to make approximately 60+ degrees of steering angle.

The factory S15 tailshaft mounts directly to the rear hoop, from this angle you can see excactly how high everything is in the hilux, low ride height and perfect roll center with minimal modifications to the driveline! Next stage is the tube work. Theres 26m of chromoly tube that will run everywhere creating the spaceframe structure to hold absolutely everything tightly. Theres going to be many nights spent with the TIG once thats constructed!