Japan Day 11 – Signing out

As the temprature plumets over Ebisu we take a look around before the days over. 

As always school course was still going off, heres Waz trying his hand at the FD.

This silvia was unique and very nice.

Absolutely loved the old school seats.

Old mate here wasnt to impressed with all the drifting going on, it was either that or the fact he dragged his beard through his own piss!!

Casey said goodbye to his favorite rabbit.

While the guys packed up the cars we kept looking round, theres something interesting inside every shed at Ebisu.

Thats it for day 11, day 12 brings us the G1GP contest.

  1. Haha Old Mate!!! what a weird looking animal..

  2. haha pissbeard was maaaaaaad!

  3. I MISS JAPAN!!!!!

  4. same seats as mine lol!


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