PS13 Stay Cool – Simplified

The last post depicted this cars time on the dyno, with the car back home I still had a lot of work to complete and thats what I want to run you through in this post. I cant express how relaxed I felt...

ETS Drift Ute – Hot pipe

Yesterday i spent most of the day in the shed, it was good because i had a chance to go over a few things that i didnt think would work. This intercooler hot pipe for example. A lot of people have exp...

Quick Snap – Radiator Mount

Ive been busy on the Hilux the last couple of nights, here the top mount for the radiator, im really happy both intercooler and radiator are in and mounted.

ETS Hilux – Waiting Game

Ive said it many times before but im glad im not in a hurry to get this done, some parts just seem to take forever to arrive, there hasnt been a whole lot i can do in the meantime so ill show you what...

ETS Drift Ute – Quick Snap

I have been very very conservative with colours in this build, breaking up the monochromatic theme just a little.