180SX – Tunnel

The tunnel is coming along really well, its a real hassle TIG welding the original steel so ill be TIGing all the new steel and then migging everything that joins to the existing floor.

180SX – 2 become 1

As described in my last post on the 180SX the manifold to turbine housing gasket all but disappeared at the last drift meeting of 2011, so I thought I would fix things for good. After V ing out the BR...

ETS Drift Ute – The weekly report

Another week down and a heap more progress, whats happened this week, well heres a look.

ETS Drift Ute – Rolling along

The drift utes progressing nicely, plenty of time on the TIG and loving it!

TIG Mask – ETS style

My new welding mask arrived, its adjustable for the finer TIG jobs. I quickly sprayed over the graphics that came with it and added some stickers!

S15s new front end

Well the front end of the S15 is coming along, aquired an ARC radiator and reused one of my old intercoolers. Did a bit of tubework aswell, not too happy with it but once i get a tube bender i can do ...

On Rails

When it comes to repairing the factory metal on a car after a crash i take things a little further than most. This car had some big damage but it was all isolated forward of the cross member.