Tube Frame

ETS Drift Ute – Saturday Snap

Heres a quick snap of the almost finished ETS Hilux Drift Ute, with only a few days and a few parts left to go on this I am happy to say its all back together, powdercoated, painted and almost all fin...

ETS Drift Ute – Chassis Sheen

Sometimes I post stuff up that im not too proud of on here but its a story that needs to be told, then on the flipside theres stuff like this that I just cant wait to post up, I proudly present to you...

Quick Snap – Shed life

Im in QLD at the moment taking a quick break in the sun, I am looking forward to getting home and continuing with the tear down.

ETS Drift Ute – Whats it Weigh?

One question thats been asked over and over is “Whats it weigh?” I am pleased to tell you the figure is 875kg with all fluids and without bodywork. With bodywork and driver it will be unde...

ETS Drift Ute – Random Snap

I just love the sight of this chassis, ill admit i sit back and just stare sometimes, 100% painting the chassis in clear coat!

ETS Drift Ute – Look at mah belly

Having rolled the chassis on its roof it was time to get stuck into the floor sections, i am happy to report that they are all done, take a look at the finished result. About a year ago i redid the en...

ETS Drift Ute – Caster rod mechanics

This time last week the ute was sliding of the jig and into a rolling state, the one thing missing was caster arms to position the wheel where it needed to be, tonight after many hours in the shed we ...

Dai Yoshihara

Theres one S13 that stands out to me in the FD field.  It covers all the bases and while it is a pro level car it can be emulated with skill and not a huge amount of money. When removing weight you im...

On Rails

When it comes to repairing the factory metal on a car after a crash i take things a little further than most. This car had some big damage but it was all isolated forward of the cross member.

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