Back to NZ – Gaz Whiter

Theres a dominating force in the D1NZ scene and it goes by the name of Gaz Whiter.

ON BAIL – Style in the Rookie Class

I have a stack of pics from D1NZ so i thought id start doing car by car run throughs starting with the rookie class guys. Chris’s S14A fronted S13 Silvia had it all going on.

Matsuri Part 7 – The Wild South

Part 7 of the Matsuri coverage takes a look at what half an hour on Minami will look like.

ETS Drift Ute – A busy Sunday!!

The choice of driveline for the drift ute was a hard one, do i go V8 or do i stick with what i know and more to the point what i already have? This is that Pewter S15 that followers may have seen in p...

Japan Day 7 – D1SL Pit Walks

You have seen the cars, the engine bays, the interiors and the action. Still want to see more? Well heres some other sights you may be interested in, i know i was.

Turbo in a can

So i have had an issue lately, the silvia being 100kms away and the two cars share a turbo because of shot oil seals and a chipped rear wheel on one of the TD06L2s. Ive often seen cores for sale on Eb...