Tour of NZ – The show hall

Since the Hilux left my sight at the end of 2013 I have been anxiously awaiting the week that has just gone. The personal pressure was immense, a lot of things had to fall into place and I am happy to...

Mikes FD3S – A closer look

Lets face it, if you want to be competitive in drifting then you need bulk HP, the easy way is either turbocharging, supercharging or the raw cubes of a V8, for Mike Whiddet its always been about rota...

Marcus and Slam It

Marcus Gibson previously of Octane Culture blog is now working for NZPC Magazine, here he is with there current cover car SlamIt FC RX7. Nice to meet you Marcus, keep up the good work mate.

Roo rolls to D1NZ final

We also met up with Roo from Stay Classy blog fame, his Vert FC was all kinds of right, the minimalistic approach made it everything work so well. Great to meet you mate!

Random Japan Snap

Rocking a simple Canon G10 has its positives, its super quick to turn on, auto focus and you get those shots you would usually miss.

Japan Day 1

So here we go, a detailed snapshot of what we saw on our travels around heaven. Above is the cafe at Narita Airport, love the oldschool neons that are everywhere across Japan