Car stands and stacking cars in the ETS garage

If you’re a regular to my online garage (this website) then you will be familiar with the car stands that allow me to stack my cars into my home garage.  It’s been a few years since I...

Animal Style GP NZ

It’s been a while since I have spent some time at the racetrack watching drifting. When I heard about the DClub Animal Style GP that was happening at Hampton Downs in Auckland New Zealand I knew it wo...

Triumph, Chopped, life and leisure

Life’s a funny thing, I’m 32 years old now and over the past year I have been trying to figure out where a lot of my drive has gone. That doesn’t mean I have stopped doing what I lov...

ETS Drift Ute – The weekly update

Another week and a heap more work completed on the Hilux, read on for the latest!

180SX – Reflections Part 5

With the end of 09 season leaving my car in need of a serious clean up it was time to get to work and do all those things before the 2010 track days started again.