RPS13 – MotorEx Demo’s

When Peter from DriftCadet asked me to be a part of the MotorEx drift demo team I quickly jumped at the offer, I was looking for a chance to drive both the Hilux and the 180SX but didn’t really want t...

ETS Drift Ute – New Nardi

Thanks to Evan at Garage 7 i have a new 330mm Nardi Classic wheel in suede, it came all the way from Italy and I’m stoked to have it in, the boss is just temporary as ill be redoing the steering...

180SX – Inside story

With the new tunnel, RB25 gearbox, new battery, new ecu mount, washed seats and repainted floor the interior went back together just like it should. I made a new shifter to see how it goes but i may m...

Japan Day 7 – Interiors of D1SL

Nakamuras team BURST S13 kicks of the “interiors of D1SL” post, sit back and have a look inside some of japans “street legal” drift cars.

Inside the 180

Love being inside the cabin of this car, its just so damn red you cant help but love it.