Fuji Speedway – In pit lane

With perfect weather at Fuji Speedway lets take a walk through the staging lanes heading out onto the main circuit. I think the 32GTR could almost be called a classic nowadays. With the R35 truely cha...

Sasaki-San takes intrest in ETS!

Sasaki-San the Panspeed RX7 Driver taking intrest in some small Australian workshop! Thanks mate!

Encounters of the RE kind

Ive been in the car scene a long time, in high school i would read magazines to get my fix, back then i lived in the country and i didnt even know about internet.

Random Japan Snap

Rocking a simple Canon G10 has its positives, its super quick to turn on, auto focus and you get those shots you would usually miss.

Japan Day 1

So here we go, a detailed snapshot of what we saw on our travels around heaven. Above is the cafe at Narita Airport, love the oldschool neons that are everywhere across Japan

Dai Yoshihara

Theres one S13 that stands out to me in the FD field.  It covers all the bases and while it is a pro level car it can be emulated with skill and not a huge amount of money. When removing weight you im...