Matt “Chucky” Jacksons FC3S

Here in Aus we are starved of quality Rotary drift cars, in NZ things are far different, Chuckys FC was a standout for me! Lets take a closer look.

Marcus and Slam It

Marcus Gibson previously of Octane Culture blog is now working for NZPC Magazine, here he is with there current cover car SlamIt FC RX7. Nice to meet you Marcus, keep up the good work mate.

Roo rolls to D1NZ final

We also met up with Roo from Stay Classy blog fame, his Vert FC was all kinds of right, the minimalistic approach made it everything work so well. Great to meet you mate!

Japan Day 11 – FCs at Ebisu

Its day 11 on our trip in Japan and we returned to Ebisu to see what was going on. This pair of FC RX7s caught our attention immediatly and i knew i had to shoot some photos for ETS.