Matsuri Part 5 – Up to Kita Course

Heading kita (north) from minami (south) to take a look in the pits.

Matsuri Part 3 – The car that stole my heart

Its a true story, when i got home after the trip to japan i took the white TEs off the S13 and fitted them to my 180SX to relive the memory of seeing this car. If only i could go back to stock metal g...

Matsuri Part 1 – A walk around Nishi

Now to get stuck into Matsuri coverage, Part 1 takes us down the hill and past the skidpans to look at what Nishi pits had to offer, the photo above is Jhon in his S13 rolling up the hill to take on t...

Japan Day 11 – Toyota Soarer

One car that made me rethink its popularity was the Toyota Soarer, there were plenty of well modified Soarers at Ebisu and the one you see above was a favorite of mine.

Japan Day 11 – FCs at Ebisu

Its day 11 on our trip in Japan and we returned to Ebisu to see what was going on. This pair of FC RX7s caught our attention immediatly and i knew i had to shoot some photos for ETS.

Japan Day 9 – Ebisu Circuit

Well what can i say about Ebisu? It was amazing, if you know anyone who has ever been there then you would have heard the stories. If you havnt then ill try and explain it in this post.

Japan Tripping

Well by this time next month i will be in the motherland that is Japan. A 10 year dream will become a reality and ill get to witness first hand action from the D1SL series, MSC series and see the beau...