Turbo Manifold Fabrication Skills Course



This is an online course teaching you how to build your own Turbo Manifold. Upon completing checkout you will have a lifetime membership and access to this course

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Make your engine bay stand out from the crowd with your very own high performance manifold, you will learn the following

Manifold Materials and Manifold Design including

  • Material Options
  • Wastegate integration
  • Support braces
  • Design Elements

We list the tools you will need during tasks such as

  • Cutting
  • Measuring
  • Welding
  • Port Shaping
  • Fitting and Clamping
  • Heatsinking
  • Modeling and software systems

We take a detailed look at the Materials and Hardware used for a manifold construction

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Exotic Materials
  • Flanges
  • Collectors
  • Sensor bungs
  • Fasteners

Our Practical Skills section builds a manifold and details each step, this is ideal for those of you building your own.

  • Designing a Turbo Manifold
  • Turbo Location
  • JIG Manufacture
  • Collector design and fabrication 
  • Turbo Support Brace
  • Primary tube design and fabrication
  • Wastegate integration

Exhaust Header Welding Techniques take a detailed look into (you guessed it) welding techniques. 

  • MIG vs TIG
  • Clamping and tacking
  • Purging 
  • 360 Degree welds
  • Header flange heatsinks

Finishing up the course we complete the following 

  • Porting
  • Cleaning and Linishing
  • Heat protection and coatings
  • Refitting and heat cycling

All of this for just $299



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