TIG Welding Skills Course


Without a doubt TIG welding can be one of the most challenging welding processes in motorsport fabrication, by taking this course you will get a greater understanding of the benefits and versatility that this welding method can give us. Click HERE to checkout the course content and preview. Aluminium, titanium, mild steel, chromoly and stainless steel are just a few of the metals we focus on and when we combine the right settings with the right techniques we can get perfect welds that will make any project a reality. This course caters for all skill types, from those that have never picked up a torch before to seasoned professionals that might want to dial in their settings and upskill in their profession. I guarantee this course will benefit you and your project and help you to become a better TIG welder.

If you are interested in purchasing multiple courses you might want to consider our Subscription plans available HERE.



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