Roll Cage Fabrication Skills Course


Have you ever wanted to build your own roll cage or understand the design and fabrication thats required to add one into your car? Introducing our Roll Cage Fabrication skills course, this is designed to help you understand the purpose, design, tools, materials preparation and fabrication that each quality roll cage will require. Click HERE to see the course contents and Introduction. 

From removing sound deadening, notching and bending tube to templating gussets and everything in between, the roll cage fabrication skills course is a must have for anyone contemplating adding a roll cage into their car. By adding a roll cage into your car you will not only be improving the safety and handling of your chassis but you will be improving the scope of events your car can compete in, not to mention you will also save a lot of money and learn a thing or two during each process. 

Speaking of processes we have 42 of them that make up this course, this makes it easy for you to revisit any individual videos that you may need to brush up on when you’re undertaking that particular task. For example you might be wondering how we go about equipping ourselves with a tube bender capable of completing roll cage bends? We have a process on that and we also supply you with your own downloadable files should you want to build your own, once thats complete we also have a practical example of bending a main hoop, by following my guide it will remove the guesswork from measuring and bending to ensure you achieve a perfect tight fitting roll cage that fits within the regulations. 

If you are interested in purchasing multiple courses you might want to consider our Subscription plans available HERE.



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