Horizontal tube bender plans


Bending tube for motorsport applications isn’t as easy as it seems, you need to use the right tools to get the right results. Here at ETS we have bent a lot of tube for many different bike and car projects and we know a thing or two about what works best.

Thats why we came up with this new Horizontal bender design, it can be used in both hydraulic and manual situations (manual ratchet style mechanism included in files) to fit any horizontal dies on the market using our slotted drive pin arm design. This has all been expertly CAD drawn, FEA tested and used on my current S15 roll cage project with great results.

Apon purchase you will be able to download the DXF files that you will need for laser cutting the steel components that make up the frame of the bender. The pins and bolts are all listed on a PDF with dimensional drawings to make your life easy. Theres no machining or turning needed to build this bender and when you combine this with our 3D printed angle meter and bevel box mount you will be bending accurately in no time.

The thickness and number of parts are on the file names so when you download these the file names will make the cutting list, everything is 12mm mild steel to make things easy.

As you can see in these pictures I used a self retracting hydraulic ram with foot operated hydraulic pump to be able to mount my bender on caster wheels, if you want to manually operate the bender then you will need to mount this securely to the floor to get enough leverage on your tube bends.

Save several hundred dollars on building your own bender and spend those savings on purchasing the dies you need to match the tube your looking to bend.

If you would like to watch this bender being built and hear more details about bending tube then you can visit www.ETSFab.com for the complete rundown on the process.

Remember this is a downloadable product that you will have to download apon checkout, if you don’t see it or have issues with it then please let me know via email and ill help you out.

If your looking to get these parts made and shipped to you as a flat pack (including pins) to weld up then we can facilitate that as-well, just drop me an email at nigel@engineeredtoslide.com

Happy bending!



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