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4 reviews for Free Membership

  1. Glenn Martin

    This platform has been absolutely awesome as I’m just in my first stages of learning fabrication I’ve told mates and co workers that are experienced also shown a couple of my co workers what iv learnt and they are stoked.

    • Nigel

      Thanks Glenn, great to hear and thank you for your endorsement. Nigel

  2. Robert Jackson

    Great to have you back

    • Nigel

      Thanks and it’s great to be back Robert.

  3. Paul shoebridge


  4. Riyaad Thomas (verified owner)

    Been following ETS for a few years now,since the UTE was featured on speedhunters was during this time I’ve been studying automotive repair and maintenance,ETS made me realise that automotive fabrication is my actual calling..Nigal has been a huge inspiration for I feed my family working as automotive fabricator..what you do touched me, and I give thanks to you for giving back and sharing your skills.
    Continue to keep creating quality content,with quality workmanship , keep gunnin 💪.

    From South Africa 🇿🇦

    • Nigel

      Thank you Riyaad, this means a lot and I love that you have found your calling and doing what you love. Sometimes it can be a difficult job but you take the good with the bad, keep on gunning too!
      Thank you Riyaad.

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