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Roll cages play an integral role in the construction of any race car, no matter the discipline, and there’s plenty of different jobs involved when it comes to fabricating one — but the tools, processes, and techniques that we use remain relatively similar, and everything you learn within this skill is going to be 100 percent applicable to your own projects. 

The cage needs to be well-designed, safe, and pass inspection, and although the process can be time consuming, the tools, consumables, and raw materials are readily available and are often not that expensive. When we combine these raw materials with good fabrication processes, and the right training and practice, there’s really no limit to what can be achieved in our home garages or workshops.

Throughout this skill, you’re going to pretty quickly see that using all the tips and tricks outlined within it is going to rapidly accelerate your proficiency in roll cage fabrication. I will be getting you very familiar with all the design elements, the tools, and the materials that you’re going to require for the job, before jumping into the hands-on side with shell preparation and practical skills, like bending, notching and welding tube which you’ll be able to follow along with and be knocking together your own roll cage without hesitation.

Welcome to the Roll Cage Fabrication Skills Course, it’s a big one so strap yourselves in for the ride.

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