Turbo Manifold Fabrication Skills Course

Turbo Manifold Fabrication Skills Course

Have you ever wanted to build your own turbo manifold or understand the design and fabrication that’s required to gain the most performance from one? Introducing our Turbo Manifold Fabrication skills course, this is designed to help you understand the purpose, design, tools, materials, preparation and fabrication that each quality manifold will require.

From the design considerations that optimize performance to the fabrication techniques that create a good looking strong manifold and everything in between, the turbo manifold fabrication skills course is a must have for anyone contemplating building or designing their own manifold. By adding the right manifold and turbo to your engine you can gain horsepower and torque where you need it the most, not to mention you will also save a lot of money and learn some valuable skills in the process.

Speaking of processes, we have 38 of them that make up this course, this makes it easy for you to revisit any individual videos that you may need to brush up on when you’re undertaking that particular task. For example you might be wondering how we go about designing and positioning our turbocharger in the engine bay, we have a very in depth process on that and it’s full of considerations that you will need to take into account during the design process, once that’s complete we take a look at the tools specific to manifold fabrication along with the pros and cons relating to the materials that you should consider using. From there we delve into welding and fabrication and I can offer plenty of tips and tricks that I have picked up during many of my own personal projects.

Understanding and achieving a high performance turbo manifold can often lead to confusion but I have designed this course to answer all of your questions and guide you through the design and fabrication of your very own manifold that I have no doubt will fit your performance and aesthetic requirements.

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Getting Started

Materials and Design


Materials and Hardware

Learn about the materials and hardware needed for your manifold build here


Mild Steel Stainless Steels Exotic Materials Flanges Collectors Sensor bungs Fasteners

Practical Skills

Exhaust header Welding Techniques