Spaceframe Hilux Finished Project

Spaceframe Hilux Finished Project

What do you get when you mix two very different genres of automotive culture with a whole lot of custom fabrication? A drifting minitruck isn’t everyones dream car but it was mine 10 years ago and it was a big learning curve to make that dream a reality.

The build took three and half years to complete and in that time I built my own tube bender, taught myself to TIG weld along with many of the fabrication skills that you can find explained in our Skills section of this website. Sit back and enjoy the detailed explanation of the build showing you whats beneath that stark white exterior.

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Spaceframe Hilux Finished Project Preview

If you are looking for more details on this build then the blog has a great recollection of the events leading up to the finished product you see in this video.