S15 V8 Race Car Project

The majority of race cars running round racetracks seem to appear out of nowhere, their construction methods are typically shrouded in secrecy in the hope that when they hit the track they will have an advantage on the competition.

Here at ETS things are not like that, it’s the build that is the focus and hitting the racetrack is just a small component of the larger personal achievment of building a racecar.

This S15 has been kicking about for a long time, you can catch up on the posts here but essentially its a cut up 2000 model Nissan Silvia S15 and its about to get serious.

In Part 1 we build a JIG, a JIG is an integral part of any build and it allows us to have a flat base to build apon, we will go through the construction materials and methods and you can even download my Fusion 3D file and supporting DXF files that I used to laer cut my parts.

In Part 2 we select the engine, in my case this is a special unvieling of a very special engine and this video depicts the engine and my decision making process that went into the purchase of it.

In Part 3 we 3D Scan the motor and design our suspension in Fusion 360.

Lots more to come as this build progresses.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3