S15 Silvia Intake, Intercooler and Exhaust Plumbing Project.

In this project we complete the Intercooler plumbing on an S15 Silvia that has recently received a complete Tomei Genisis SR20 engine and turbo upgrade. To make it all work we are required to build the intercooler plumbing, exhaust dump pipe and turbo intake pipe which will see this S15 ready for the dyno.

In Part 1 we build the intercooler plumbing out of 6061 aluminium 3″ tube utilising Vibrant couplers and simplify the engine bay layout by adding 3″ cast aluminium bends to each side of the intercoolers end tanks. During this Part 1 video we run through all the tips and tricks to maintaining the cleanliness of the aluminium during fabrication which leads to nicer welds during the finishing stages.

In Part 2 we move to the backside of the turbocharger and fabricate a 3.5″ stainless steel dump pipe that incorporates the provision to plumb the twin wastegates back into the exhaust system which switches to titanium and exits out the back of the car in a light, free flowing exhaust system.

In Part 3 we setup the TIG welder for Titanium as we tackle the intake pipe and create a nice bespoke lobster back intake that feeds clean and cool air from the air filter into the turbo charger. From there we finish off the Mid Pipe and create a nice Aluminium Power Steering Reservoir to keep the engine bay clean and functional.

Thanks for choosing to learn with Engineered to slide and I hope you enjoy the information presented to you in this project.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3