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  • The PS13 Project – Here it comes.

    There’s one thing you need to understand when it comes to projects like these, there’s no substitute for time…. I learnt a long long time ago that money is no substitute for time, unless your paying someone with as much (or more) passion for your project than you have, your better off learning the skills […]

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  • Stacking cars in my ever evolving garage.

    You know the old saying…. Progress is impossible without change? Well that’s me right there, always in a rush to progress, so I am always in a rush to change, always searching for a better way to do things. I think it’s the biggest thing I have learnt over the years, never ever give up […]

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  • An interview with HPA about the PS13 build

    WTAC is a great event on many levels, for me its a good chance to catch up with good friends that have made this industry a positive an educational place to be, no body does it better than Andre and Ben who are the force behind HPA, if you don’t know who these guys are, […]

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  • Shops open for business

    I feel like 2016 has been nothing new, what it has been though is rewarding, I fought off the urge for more projects and focused on the ones I currently have. Tying up loose ends in the garage has been one thing, the website has been another. The name “Engineered to Slide” was coined just […]

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  • Geelong Revival – Home Town in the Hilux

    Every year the days get longer, the weather gets warmer and I get a hell of a lot busier. Spring time is event season in Australia, my chance to lift the roller door on the garage, hook up the trailer and load all my ideas into a complete package that brings a little slice of […]

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  • PS13 – Bay of Dreams

    Sometimes I look back on the Hilux build and wonder how the hell I completed it, people speak about motivation, passion and other large words that express why they do things, I have never really figured out what drives me, what inspires me, but I know that when I am in the zone there is […]

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  • Garage Tour Video – My Workspace

    Let me begin by saying this is something I have always wanted to do but never got around to it, the interactive garage walk around video has been rolling through my mind for a while now, I never like to do things by half’s and a go-pro walk around wasn’t going to cut it for […]

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  • WTAC 2016 – Switching it up

    Since World Time Attack has been run at Sydney Motorsport Park I have been there, initially as a spectator, then a drift competitor, then a trade stand holder and a drift competitor right up until this year. This year I decided to step back from driving and focus on doing my job properly. As Engineered […]

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  • PS13 build update – Functional art

    This weekend just gone has been my first weekend in the garage since heading up to Sydney with the Deus crew to judge the Deus Bike Build off. I will post a full run down on that in the coming days but first I want to show you whats happening with the PS13 after that […]

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