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  • D1NZ – JT telling it how it is

    You would be hard pressed to find a more traveled knowledgeable individual in drifting than the man above, I met Jairus ‘JT’ Wharerau in 2006 at the Drift Nationals Calder Park, having always followed the NZ scene he was my international idol. Unlike some of my homegrown idols at the time he was approachable and willing to give you […]

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  • Encounters of the RE kind

    Ive been in the car scene a long time, in high school i would read magazines to get my fix, back then i lived in the country and i didnt even know about internet.

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  • Fueling at Bombay

    Spotted this rod on the trailer at Bombay BP on the way to D1NZ, NZs car culture is very mixed, theres something for everyone on most weekends and you don’t have to travel the 10 hours to get there like in Aus.

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  • Roo rolls to D1NZ final

    We also met up with Roo from Stay Classy blog fame, his Vert FC was all kinds of right, the minimalistic approach made it everything work so well. Great to meet you mate!

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  • Olly on the way to D1NZ Final

    Massive thanks to Olly for his help while i was in NZ, seeing his 180SX rolling down the highway made the lead up to D1NZs final round ridiculously exciting. Thanks a million Olly!

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  • Mitchell Race Xtreme – Shop Visit

    Since starting my ute project i see cars differently, looking at them now i see ideas, skills, workmanship and pride. Incorperating all this into your own build is one thing but doing it for others is another thing all together. I visited Mitchell Race Xtreme in Hamilton NZ to take a look at where the magic happens.

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  • The view of Auckland

    Auckland at night from the sky tower! What a sight.

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  • New Zealand

    After a relaxing 8 days away in New Zealand this blogs looking a little worse for ware, don’t worry i managed to grab a heap of content you will appreciate.  

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