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  • D1NZ – Saturday Final

    What an amazing weekend it has been. Time for an update on Saturdays action. On friday night the boys scolloped out the Lower Control arms so that i could have a little more lock to work with and it paid off in the final on Saturday. In the morning i was back in the car […]

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  • D1NZ – Saturday Practice

      D1NZ runs over two days and the first is the practice for the D1NZ Pros. I had been looking forward to this day for a long time and a lot was riding on how it panned out. After the first lap it was apparent i was driving a car that was well built and […]

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  • D1NZ – Hampton finals in 5 days!

    Im in the middle of packing my gear bag for tomorrows flight to NZ, i couldn’t be more excited to visit NZ again and the final of D1NZ at Hampton Downs. Last years visit was amazing to say the least and this year things will step up another notch with Matt Sellers handing over the […]

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  • Breaking News – D1NZ Here we come!

    I am excited to announce that ill be competing at the final round of D1NZs series at Hampton Downs this Easter, after a visit to the same event last year i fell in love with New Zealand and their very successful D1NZ series.  After chatting with the Sellers brothers last year Matt gave me the […]

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  • Welcome 2012

    After calling a campervan home for 2 weeks im back to the daily grind, 2 weeks off was so refreshing and it was exactly what i needed, with so much going on it was good to sit back and clarify what i needed to get done in 2012, its shaping up to be a great […]

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  • Back to NZ – Gaz Whiter

    Theres a dominating force in the D1NZ scene and it goes by the name of Gaz Whiter.

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  • Matt and Jason Sellers at D1NZ

    In Japan i got a new respect for S14 silvias, the trip to NZ just made me want to build one. Heres a closer look at Matt Sellers S14.

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  • Hugo and his F20C AE85

    Hugos AE85 is one of those cars i have always liked, i mean whats not to like about it, the 350rwkw F20C certainly makes it a force to be reckoned with.

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  • Matt “Chucky” Jacksons FC3S

    Here in Aus we are starved of quality Rotary drift cars, in NZ things are far different, Chuckys FC was a standout for me! Lets take a closer look.

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