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  • Animal Style GP NZ

    It’s been a while since I have spent some time at the racetrack watching drifting. When I heard about the DClub Animal Style GP that was happening at Hampton Downs in Auckland New Zealand I knew it would be one event that I couldn’t miss. Events like these got me into drifting, the jam style […]

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  • Shops open for business

    I feel like 2016 has been nothing new, what it has been though is rewarding, I fought off the urge for more projects and focused on the ones I currently have. Tying up loose ends in the garage has been one thing, the website has been another. The name “Engineered to Slide” was coined just […]

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  • Flats Premier – New Zealand

    It all began in a fast paced series of events, 14 months ago I set out on an adventure to set a land speed record, compelled to tell my story I took with me a team of friends and we all worked through the stages to get to this point. It was another world for […]

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  • Tour of NZ – Hampton Downs

    So this was it, the day that I had dreamed of since the very beginning. Azhar had orginised the racetrack and with Gary’s guidance I had the whole place to myself, it doesn’t get much better than that. I wouldn’t be alone on this day though, it was a special day for Matt as the […]

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  • Tour of NZ – The drag strip

    I have only ever done two passes down the drag strip and that was over 6 years ago, a lot has changed since then and I was looking forward to getting out there and stretching the Hiluxs legs. In all honesty I had the most fun, I only pushed it 75% with weak launches and […]

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  • Tour of NZ – The show hall

    Since the Hilux left my sight at the end of 2013 I have been anxiously awaiting the week that has just gone. The personal pressure was immense, a lot of things had to fall into place and I am happy to say they did. Myself, my fiancee Celia and my film director Matt all flew […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – NZ Unveil Night

    At the moment I am busy planning the 2014 season and the changes that will take place as I head into new territory and a new country, Im really excited about getting out and meeting people after a long few years in the garage. This Unveil night was setup so that I could remove some […]

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  • Learn To Tune – An STM Innitiative

    Lets rewind 2 years for a second……. i started this Hilux project with the intention of welding a Hilux cab on an S15 chassis, using all factory parts and mig welding the two together. Fast forward two years and i have learnt an amazing amount, we all have the DIY instinct inside us (i mean […]

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  • D1NZ – A perspective

    Im finally back in Australia and have had a day to reflect on what was a whirl wind tour of New Zealands premier drift event, want to know the full story? Then read on. Photo credits to my sister and Joey at Jackedit

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