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  • Red Line Oils

    My plan for this season was to enjoy what I have, get back to the track and keep everything maintained to the highest level. Although this is a one man operation I do call on help in the form of product support from time to time. These pages have opened up a lot of great […]

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  • Creating the Business – Southside Visit

    Big thanks to Belinda and Jason from Southside for the visit and the subsequent photo set for their blog. Their visit coincided with the completion of the HiRider V2 project that has now set sail for Italy. It’s probably a good chance to get a little personal and let you know where my heads at. […]

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  • HiRider V2 – 2 kits destined for Italy

    If your an avid reader of ETS then you may remember a little KTM that I threw together a few years ago. It started as a form of payment to my friend Dean, he went shooting for a company and ended up being paid with 2/3’rds of a motorcycle. I guess this story signifies a […]

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  • Summer Break

    The end of 2017 took a long time to roll around for me, I packed so much in that time just started standing still. I often warn myself that my hyper productive nature is harmful and that I should take some time to soak up the things I have made and done before moving onto […]

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  • Sydney Motorcycle Expo – My Contribution

    A few months ago I had a request from BMW Australia to help bring some flair to their upcoming Sydney Motorcycle Expo display. The project involved two bikes, the first was a 1200 Adventurer that needed a display stand. But not just any stand. One that could lift the bike into a wheelie position and […]

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  • The Ride

    I have had some time at home now to reflect and reminisce about my trip, this is the last post from America and a summery of my adventure. From the initial purchase of a $5,000 roller 10 months ago, a team effort by Dan Carr, Jasin Phares and myself constructed a bike that would carry […]

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  • Halloween Hillclimb

    After heading over the San Gabriel mountain range and experiencing the El Mirage dry lake it was time to head East. After finding one of the best Japanese meals I have had in a long time in Victorville it was time to recharge the batteries and prepare for another action packed day in the USA. […]

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  • El Mirage Dry Lake

    In preparation for the FLATS Movie and the build of the land speed race bike I researched America’s home of speed “Bonneville Salt Flats” but was suprised to find that they also raced on the El Mirage dry lake bed. El Mirage is the smaller and dustier version of Bonneville, when I first started planning […]

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  • Pan America – The Ride

    It’s been 3 years since I have stepped back onto US mainland soil, this is the 2nd time for me, the first time was my honeymoon and since that day I have been dreaming about returning. Shawn Hibmacronan picked me up after a short ride on the train, I spent July the 4th 2014 with […]

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