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  • ETS Drift Ute – Returns

    I got the call to say my Hilux was waiting for me in Melbourne, when I got to the receiving yard the staff explained that the car wouldnt move as they didnt know how to use the gearbox. After a quick check over, signing of the relevant papers I fired it up and rolled it […]

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  • Dream Build Drive – Its almost here

    Yesterday I went to Melbourne and picked up the Hilux, 2014 has been a very very different year for me, with the car being in New Zealand since the end of last year I have spent very little time with it, the stresses have been unique to me, never really in control of where it […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Back in the country

    I think everyone has seen those images of containers falling off ships, well I’m happy to say that I got a call from customs saying the container is in the docks safe and sound. I have to thank Extreme Global for being a great shipping company to deal with. If you ever need your car […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – In action

    In the last post I outlined all the prep-work that went into this drive, being its first “in public” drive I thought its only fair that I bring you some in car footage, as the final stages of the Dream Build Drive documentary get pieced together this will act as a teaser for whats to […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Pre Jamboree Prep

    As I flew out of Melbourne AUS bound for Wellington NZ I knew what work had to be done on the Hilux that was sitting in the STM workshop. There were three major jobs that needed to be done. The diff: After breaking a driveshaft during the filming of Dream Build Drive at Hampton Downs […]

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  • Next event

    The last stop in NZ, come along and see the Hilux in action, cant wait to unleash out on Manfeild Raceway

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  • ETS Bender – In action

    While I am drawing up the plans for the bender (that you can have access to by signing up to the newsletter) Sign up here I thought I would shoot some footage over the weekend of a simple few minutes in use, I got stuck into the roll cage in the PS13 NA project, the […]

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  • Bender Tech

    When you start building steel structures at home you can achieve most outcomes with fairly simple tools, a welder, angle grinder, drill and vice. The skills to use these tools vary and once you are competent and have a knowledge in how to use them the skys the limit, but there’s will always be one […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Taking a step back

    Not having the Hilux in my garage has given me a new appreciation for it, our time apart has given me time to reflect on its upbringing, a frantic three years of intense concentration towards the build suddenly came to a halt when it was loaded into a container and hit the seas bound for […]

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