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  • ETS Drift Ute – Pedals arrive

    My pedals and master cylinders have arrived after a long trip over from the USA. Looking forward to getting them positioned and plumbed up. You just cant go past Wilwood if your on a budget but still care about quality, sure i could have made a pedal set but for around $200 why would you bother.

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Notching the tube

    I made these tools with the intention of making bar work easy, i didnt relise it would change my life though. As with all metal work the right tool makes the job quicker, easier and neater. My intention with this build is to gain skills, gain tools and end up with a hand fabricated race car […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Tube warfare!

    Well its finally started, the backbone of the ute drift ute will be meters and meters of tube that tie everything into to make it rigid, light and strong. After finally getting it home in the back of the ute the action starts. Heres what a lazy Saturday at my place looks like.

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  • ETS Tube Notcher

    Its the usuall story with me, i need a Tube Notcher, a Tube Bender and a TIG welder to complete the next stage of my ute, i can only afford one of those and i sure as hell cant build a TIG welder so i decided to build my own Tube Notcher and Tube Bender. […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – More Silvia than Hilux

    The factory hilux dash i was going to run made it difficult to have ultra low seating and still be able to see over it, an easy fix is to adapt full S15 dash and console. It looks so nice in there now. May even have to throw a small speaker setup to pump me up at […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Products

    No matter how good at fabrication you are some things just have to be purchased. In my Silvia i run a floor mount Tilton Pedal box with short series masters and braided lines. This time im trying the Wilwood brand with a reverse swing alloy pedal arrangement and compact master cylinder set. I cant get over […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Flooring It!

    The updates on the ETS Drift Ute have been slow, mainly due to a long wait on my chromoly tube. This has allowed me to perfect a few areas i wasnt happy with. Its now to the stage where its ready for its tube.

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  • ETS Drift Ute – DIY Strut Location

    While im still waiting on my steel (and the fact i have to save $3,000 for a bender, TIG and tube notcher, please Santa can you bring me those!!) i jigged up my front coilover position. Having the original K frame mounted in a forward position to a normal S15 made a few good things […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Head Room

    Low seat height and a tall cabin makes for plenty of headroom.

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