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  • WTAC 2014 – 4th time lucky

    WTAC has been an institution for me, for the Hilux its been a display of personal progression, the first time I took it 10 hours up the Hume highway was in 2011, it was a chassis, 4 wheels and not a lot else, I remember towing it home in the rain, on an open trailer […]

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  • QLD Matsuri 2014

    Matsuri: Japanese word for festival, “kono matsuri wa omoshiroi desu ne” translation: this festival is interesting isn’t it? It is interesting, having been to Japan and witnessed a Matsuri at Ebisu circuit, then twice here in QLD, I can honestly say its the closest version Australia has to the real thing. QLD Drift Matsuri encases […]

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  • DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE – The wash up

    Just a quick post to say how excited I have been this week, let me say that neither Matthew nor I anticipated the overwhelming reaction from people after they saw the Documentary. It was a rollercoaster for both of us, in a weird way the way it played out was not planned, it wasn’t the […]

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  • Dream Build Drive

    DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE from Matte Media on Vimeo. Dream Build Drive is Matthew Cox’s quest to give you some insight into the journey that has been my life for the last 8 months, building the car presented many challenges, getting it over that mental finishing line by driving it the way I had designed it to be […]

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  • Dream Build Drive – Premier Night at Boom Gallery

    Well last night was amazing, with big thanks to Boom gallery we made our documentary come to life, it was really important to us that we had a night dedicated to the documentary’s release and we made the most of it with over 100 family and friends in attendance it was really something special. Thanks […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Back to the glory days

    I remember a time when everything was brand new, not a single mark on anything, 2.5 years of concentration went in to each single item and it was ready to become a complete car. That was an exciting time, 6 months later I am strapped into the seat throwing the car around race tracks in […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Returns

    I got the call to say my Hilux was waiting for me in Melbourne, when I got to the receiving yard the staff explained that the car wouldnt move as they didnt know how to use the gearbox. After a quick check over, signing of the relevant papers I fired it up and rolled it […]

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  • Dream Build Drive – Its almost here

    Yesterday I went to Melbourne and picked up the Hilux, 2014 has been a very very different year for me, with the car being in New Zealand since the end of last year I have spent very little time with it, the stresses have been unique to me, never really in control of where it […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Back in the country

    I think everyone has seen those images of containers falling off ships, well I’m happy to say that I got a call from customs saying the container is in the docks safe and sound. I have to thank Extreme Global for being a great shipping company to deal with. If you ever need your car […]

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