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  • Summernats 2019

    If I had to explain Australian car culture to you then I would probably save my breath and just send you to Canberra in Summer. Canberra is home to Summernats and Summernats is the home of Australian car culture. I packed the van and set sail for Canberra, staying overnight in Jugiong as I was […]

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  • Hilux ft Falken tyres at Summernats 2019

    I’ll start this post off by explaining how good it feels to drive this machine. An electric mix of emotions and feelings. The MotorEx demos cemented that its a a really fun car to drive, when I stop worrying about the mechanics of it all and just have a good time it starts to feel […]

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  • ETS Garage – Signing off for 2018

    What a year it has been, if you scroll back through the posts of 2018 you will see a heap of progress over this year. I made a promise to myself this time last year to concentrate on driving, riding and improving apon my complete setup. I have driven all three race cars in some […]

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  • Stacking Cars – Q&A Video

    You may remember a post titled Stacking cars a little while back when I built these car racks. Throughout my social channels the resounding most asked question has to be “How do I get them up there” or “How do I get them down” So when it came time to get the Hilux down from […]

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  • Machine Shopping

    It has been a crazy few months here in the ETS garage, there has been monumental changes in both the layout of my workshop and the capabilities that lie within it. I had big plans but little room, something had to give, I completely went through my entire garage and sold everything that I didn’t […]

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  • Working on the Workshop

    Wow, it has been a big few months, as I write this I am sitting on a plane to Sydney (presenting the Sidchrome Project car for this year) and realise it is the only spare hour I have had in a long time where I am forced to sit and do nothing, so Ill write. […]

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  • The Hilux at MotorEx

    Last year was a big year for me, I really put my focus into moving forward with the PS13 project and put off any offers to take the Hilux out on track. You have to understand that track days are not the easiest things to do, from the trade stand preparations that happen a month […]

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  • Red Line Oils

    My plan for this season was to enjoy what I have, get back to the track and keep everything maintained to the highest level. Although this is a one man operation I do call on help in the form of product support from time to time. These pages have opened up a lot of great […]

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  • Garage Time

    It’s that one thing you cant buy, time; I have been grappling with the concept of time vs money. Some people have all the money but not the time, some have all the time but not the money. Where is the happy medium? Where is the sweet spot? I work a 40 hour week to […]

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