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  • RPS13 – Drive time

    Well its been a while since I have driven the RPS13, I started to doubt how much enjoyment I got out of the sport, I mean is it worth all the effort? Then I came here! The day started off wet, I dont mind driving in the wet but when the surface is concrete everything […]

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  • ETS Bender – In action

    While I am drawing up the plans for the bender (that you can have access to by signing up to the newsletter) Sign up here I thought I would shoot some footage over the weekend of a simple few minutes in use, I got stuck into the roll cage in the PS13 NA project, the […]

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  • RPS13 – Winton Matsuri

    In an action packed RPS13 dedicated weekend I took the drive up to Winton Raceway to reacquaint myself with both the car and the track. In fact I don’t think I have visited Winton in over a year so it was a welcome sight to drive through the gates and see the amazing turnout that […]

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  • RPS13 – 100mm Show Melbourne

    2014 is the year that I can finally do the things I wanted to do in 2012 and 2013, the Hilux build put a hold on a lot of things by either requiring my time or my money to be spent on it, like a favorite child all the others where neglected. Once the Hilux […]

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  • 180SX – Getting it Shifted

    This cars had a long history of different gearbox’s. Firstly I had an S14 5 speed, it was a great feeling gearbox but didn’t stand a chance against my clutch choice of the ORC Twin Plate, I tried my hardest to drive it smoothly and it broke within a couple of meetings. From there I […]

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  • 180SX – Post WTAC Clean-up

    While I’m waiting on parts for the Hilux I turned my attention to the two other cars in my life. The 180SX was faultless at WTAC, I don’t think I actually wrote anything about driving this car other than how bad it felt compared to the ute, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a […]

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  • ETS Updates – The new look

    Nothing ever stops or slows down in this world, everything is always changing to stay on top of the game, this website is no different and I am so pleased that the new layout is now live. I have to thank my “technical director” Pavel for his help with this, Pavs been the driving force […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Wastegate issues

    My rundown on the Winton test day will follow this post but first I want to show you what went wrong. It seems the valve (or piston) in the wastegate has picked up on the bore and seized, when I got home I had a chance to pull this apart and find the issue. I […]

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  • ETS RPS13 – Idle video

    Today I had a heap of jobs to get done, one being the RPS13, it didnt need a lot of work just the finishing touches so its all ready to load onto the trailer and head to Sydney Motorsport Park in just over a week. ETS RPS13 – A quick look from Engineered To Slide […]

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