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  • Red Line Oils

    My plan for this season was to enjoy what I have, get back to the track and keep everything maintained to the highest level. Although this is a one man operation I do call on help in the form of product support from time to time. These pages have opened up a lot of great […]

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  • Creating the Business – Southside Visit

    Big thanks to Belinda and Jason from Southside for the visit and the subsequent photo set for their blog. Their visit coincided with the completion of the HiRider V2 project that has now set sail for Italy. It’s probably a good chance to get a little personal and let you know where my heads at. […]

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  • Garage Time

    It’s that one thing you cant buy, time; I have been grappling with the concept of time vs money. Some people have all the money but not the time, some have all the time but not the money. Where is the happy medium? Where is the sweet spot? I work a 40 hour week to […]

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  • Stacking cars in my ever evolving garage.

    You know the old saying…. Progress is impossible without change? Well that’s me right there, always in a rush to progress, so I am always in a rush to change, always searching for a better way to do things. I think it’s the biggest thing I have learnt over the years, never ever give up […]

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  • Shops open for business

    I feel like 2016 has been nothing new, what it has been though is rewarding, I fought off the urge for more projects and focused on the ones I currently have. Tying up loose ends in the garage has been one thing, the website has been another. The name “Engineered to Slide” was coined just […]

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  • Garage Tour Video – My Workspace

    Let me begin by saying this is something I have always wanted to do but never got around to it, the interactive garage walk around video has been rolling through my mind for a while now, I never like to do things by half’s and a go-pro walk around wasn’t going to cut it for […]

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  • Oliver’s Birthday Bash – Wilby in the RPS13

    Drifting…… ahhhhh drifting, possibly the most complicated and diverse culture of the new era of motorsport. Why? Well there’s so many different ways of looking at it, each person holds their own view on what the sport represents to them, when I first fell in love with drifting I fell in love with the complete […]

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  • RPS13 – Drive time

    Well its been a while since I have driven the RPS13, I started to doubt how much enjoyment I got out of the sport, I mean is it worth all the effort? Then I came here! The day started off wet, I dont mind driving in the wet but when the surface is concrete everything […]

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  • ETS Bender – In action

    While I am drawing up the plans for the bender (that you can have access to by signing up to the newsletter) Sign up here I thought I would shoot some footage over the weekend of a simple few minutes in use, I got stuck into the roll cage in the PS13 NA project, the […]

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