Trinity MTB Build

Push bikes have always been a big part of my life, as a kid all I ever wanted was a 4130 Chromoly BMX, fast forward a few decades and I am lucky enough to be able to construct my very own.

I love making these small videos and it adds another element to these posts.

When you strip a bike to its rawest form the emphasis on detail is a little daunting.

But Trinity MTB wasnt my dream, it was Chase’s whom lives in California, he reached out to me after mixing in the same 4 wheel circles for a long time, I am grateful because I admire his design skills and his passion for this project.

The idea was simple enough, build a bike that technically works better than any other on the market, I am talking about the kinematics and geometry and when I mean better I mean the specific genre of riding that a lot of people are doing these days.

Its a mix of Downhill (the gnarly stuff) and enduro (the gnarly stuff with more pedalling) without compromising on any aspect.

Further to that we wanted to provide a custom option for the mountain biker that wants everything just right and there is no better way of doing that than building one off hand made bicycles to suit the needs of the individual.

Oh and plus I love building stuff.

Before we ripped into the fabrication we had Mic Williams from WRP come onboard to help out with some design aspects and also add some of his wealth of knowledge into the mix.

Before long we had a JIG and some 4130 0.9mm thick tubes joining up to some water jet 4130 2mm plate that would allow a bolt on bottom bracket or gearbox to give complete versatility.

All the aluminium parts were CNC cut locally out of 6061 Aluminium (for the prototype) and I turned up all of the hardware and spacers on the lathe.

The bike came together just in the nick of time and we were able to get it to the Handmade bicycle show where it really shook things up.

The bike was featured internationally and we are well on our way to building more prototypes which will signal the start of production for this small bespoke bicycle company.

For more information you can head to Trinity MTB for all the updates.

A new chainline hints the revisions you will see in Version 2

It’s a bit of a theme around here, I like bikes and riding one thats completely custom made is an amazing feeling, I can say the same about motorcycles and also cars, but there really is nothing like the freedom and simplicity that a bicycle can offer.

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