The new ETS

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have the all new Engineered to Slide website going live today. Before I go into the personal build of the website I want to show you around so you can get an idea of the new features that I have incorporated into it.

From the home page you can easily navigate to a whole host of features, this same blog and its library of contents is still available and free for everyone to access.

The shop is also there with some new merchandise and a bunch of downloads to help you create your own workshop tools, If your interested in a T Shirt then you can pre order these and they will go to print early in 2022.

Before you purchase any of these make sure you head into my all new Learn to Fabricate section, in here we have the Fabrication Skills and projects. Access to this is via a subscription service that you can choose to purchase monthly or yearly, the yearly plan has thousands of dollars worth of savings along with free downloads to give you the best opportunity to access all of my features.

The Skills section details the Skills used in motorsport fabrication and it’s in here I put my lifetime of knowledge into an easy to follow format that you can learn from. Our first Skill is the most important, this is the Staple Skills of Fabrication and it details the tools, techniques, tips and tricks that I find to be the Staples in fabrication. From learning what angle grinder disks work the best to removing broken bolts its all in 35 easy to follow individual processes that I have put together for you.

Following on from this we get into MIG Welding Skills and although MIG welding might seem like an automated process there is a whole lot to learn about it.

As I write this I am waiting for my TIG Welding Skills videos to render so I can upload those into the Skills section too, this is by far the most comprehensive list of TIG Welding Skills I have ever come across so I hope your ready for this one.

We have so many Skills to still upload but I am extremely proud of this platform and your subscription just gets more valuable with time.

Oh and I know you love a project or ten! Thats why I have also added a projects section, this was key for me, it’s my way of putting the Skills that I have detailed into real world projects, this makes for a very informative and interesting way of learning and enjoying fabrication all while being able to build cool projects that you will enjoy.

I have spent the last 5 months working on this, I bought a new camera, learnt to build a website, learnt to edit videos, produced a whole host of projects and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my wife Celia who helps in all aspects including a lot of the filming.

It’s a big task running this operation and it’s just the two of us, I want to send a big thank you to my great friend Pav who connected all the dots and made this technically possible, I am also extremely grateful for your support and the opportunity to do this full time.

By becoming a member you receive one on one support for all of your fabrication related questions, I am working day in and day out to assist you with anything you might require. If you are not sure on something, require more information on a subject or have a request to cover something I haven’t already, then send it through. You won’t be talking to anyone other than me and I am dedicated to your success in fabrication.

I hope you enjoy the new features, please tell your friends and share this around, if you think someone could benefit from this then please send them over, I am dedicated to building the fabrication community and cant wait to show you what I have install for the future.

Theres plenty more to come, this is just the start of it all and I am excited that you’re along for the ride.

Nigel Petrie

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