ETS Fab Practical TIG Course & S15 updates

It’s with great pleasure that I can show you my latest work, the ETS TIG welding course. This has been in the build for the past 6 months and required some adjustments to get it all shot due to the Covid pandemic making overseas travel impossible. So how does something like this come to fruition? Well it starts with a written document that takes months of work, a lot of research, a lot of fact checking, a lot of trials with settings that are not commonly used and then its all proofed and the script is then ready for filming.

From there I setup the shot and film all of the face to camera talking whilst taking notes on what needs to be filmed so that you get the best understanding of both hearing and seeing how a TIG weld is completed.

If you have been round here for a while you would see that I like to build things, welding is a very small component of what I do but a very important one, it brings my fabrication together and it’s often the finishing process that makes a project come to life. I personally learnt a lot from delivering this course and went to great lengths to give you the best chance at being the best TIG welder you can be, this course is designed for those getting into TIG welding who may want to step up from MIG welding. There are so many settings and variables in TIG welding but in this course I break it all down and allow you to learn the process as we go along.

It was also a really good chance to get the S15 project underway by using it as a Worked Example to make a series of modifications to it.

The first was a Titanium air inlet pipe with an aluminum air filter adapter, as the car still has the factory ECU I wanted to perform this little fabrication job so that anyone who may be performing their first modification can use this as a guide to making their own. I also supply you with the DXF files which allows you to get the parts laser cut so its a simple cut and weld job.

The second was an Alumnium oil catch can that replaces the carbon canister on the S15, this was a fun little job which is also something many of you would perform to a street car that requires this upgrade.

The third was a mild steel strut brace and again I supply the DXF files in the course so all you need to do is a little grinding and welding. I used 1.2 mm wall tube and it actually turned out extremely light and strong.

The forth worked example is the stainless steel 3″ dump pipe and mid pipe that incorporates a high flow cat and a simple 3″ v band attachment to the stock turbo, this was a fun job and again something that you would do to a mildly tuned street car.

The fifth and final worked example was a chromoly power brace that spans the front of the car and ties in the caster rod mounts. This and the other worked examples were taken in a step by step process to show you every single detail.

Its been a dream doing this type of work full time and I am grateful for the opportunity to show you all the detail that goes into this work. You can get into the course by checking out ETS Fab, while you are there you can also catch up on my previous course being the Fundamentals of Motorsport Fabrication designed as an introduction to get you tuned into all other facets of this extremely full filling pass time.