ETS Motorsport Fabrication School

I am excited to announce that the Engineered to Slide Motorsport Fabrication School is now live!

10 years ago I was telling my friend Pavel about the Hilux build that I had been planning, he urged me to create this website, make ETS a registered business and promote my work through constant posts.

It seems like a lifetime ago but I have learnt a lot over the last 10 years and developed a community of like minded people interested in doing the same. When I met Ben and Andre from High Performance Academy 7 years ago they had just launched their Learn to Tune courses and flew to Australia to wire the Hilux.

This relationship between ETS and HPA grew and we became good friends, we always spoke about joining forces, it wasn’t until WTAC last year and my resignation from Ford that we could make 2019 the year it would happen.

It all begins with the Motorsport Fabrication Fundamentals course and I am working on so much more for the future. Because your a big part of ETS’s success I can offer 50% off the course by using the code UBNY6T at the checkout. Thanks for supporting these pages over the years and I will continue to update all thats is happening (which is going to be a lot) in the coming months.