EICMA 2019

I don’t even know where to start on this one.

When I went to SEMA in 2017 I knew it would change my car show experience for ever.

I was also warned that EICMA would do the same.

After waking up a little shady from the El Solitaro Whisky launch party I busted into those halls and took on the task of trying to see it all.

Traders and companies were bustling for space inside the huge convention center that is Fiera Milano

If it’s got anything to do with two wheels it’s at EICMA.

In Europe there is a real emphasis on small displacement two stroke race machines.

Between the components and accessories there were also complete bikes.

Before we get into the motorcycles let’s take a look at the pedal kind.

Manufactures such as KTM, Husqvarna, Maserati, Ducati and others supplying push bikes that rival the price tags of their motorcycles.

Blurring the lines between what is a motorcycle and what is a push bike.

These mini GP racers were popular, these pint size racers pack a lot of quality into their half scale construction. Yes thats a normal sized model on that bike.

Supermoto is the best fun you can have on two wheels, there were plenty of great examples.

As expected the detail and functionality is extreme.

Not all Mx bikes were converted into Supermoto race machines.

Between rain showers there were live shows outside.

Adventure bikes proved to be extremely popular.

But none looked as good as the concept from Kiska design and Husqvarna.

I loved the detail and design.

Ducati also put their hat in the offroad adventure ring.

Two popular additions to the crowded Ducati stand.

Although these clear display boxs made for a photographers worst nightmare the Harley Davidson Adventure concept caused a lot of interest. I personally love it and think that Harleys direction in recent years has been a real transformation.

Ill let Suzuki finish off the Adventure category with a few of my favorite liveries.

The Flat Track style continues to dominate the halls.

I was excited to see this bike that I had followed on Instagram for many years.

A couple of race prepped Indian FTR1200’s.

The hometown hero Valentino Rossi added a splash of yellow everywhere I looked.

The rise of electric motorcycles.

The Formula E race bikes were popular.

Kawasaki had a taste of whats to come from the Japanese manufacturer, interestingly it has a 4 speed gearbox.

Groundbreaking design and innovation is possible when your taking away the fundamentals of a conventional motorcycle.

The first time I have seen Harleys electric offering in the flesh, I like it.

Legs and Lithium!

Racing scooters and trials bikes, flavours of the Eu.

There’s just something about a 2 stroke racer.

The models flanking these motorcycles had some long days on the job.

Neat little Husky.

BMW had a great setup and I loved seeing the R18 Concept on the ground.

It just has a presence about it, such a menacing bike, I can’t wait to complete my take on this.

Splashes of carbon fibre everywhere.


The Bimota Tesi 2 had me scratching my head.

Just so many bikes and so many race slicks.

So much to take in, the whole place was packed full of the best!

Ducatis with aero.

Aston Martin pulled out all stops with this killer combo.

I really appreciated the lines and the colours.

Match your tyre warmers with your outfit.

If you have made it this far then welcome to my favorite bike of the show.

No models, no crowds, no flashing lights, just a humble and extremely well crafted machine sitting on the Royal Enfield booth.

A mix of CNC alloy, carbon fibre, brazed chromoly tube and a host of top quality parts combined to create a perfectly raw and functional flat track racer.

A collaboration between Harris Performance and Royal Enfield who are both under the Eicher Motors banner to make a stunning racer.

Seeing these raw elements in the flesh just gave the bike so much personality, the brazed welds, the weave of the carbon, the machining marks on the billet aluminium components, I appreciated everything about it. It really took me by surprise and to come from Royal Enfield shows some real direction and leadership.

What an amazing event, this is only 10% of what you will see at EICMA and if you are into motorcycles then this should be on your bucket list, just remember though it will ruin every other motorcycle show from that point on!

Thanks for watching.

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