WTAC 2019

Fresh from the Phillip Island track day the Hilux was already locked and loaded in the trailer for WTAC the very next weekend.

World time attack has grown at an amazing rate.

Teams prepare all year for two days of competition and some cars only complete a handful of laps.

Drivers are treated to some of the most intense g forces of any race car they have driven.

Huge power pushes huge downforce.

Huge downforce pushes the lap times down.

It all adds up to some pretty wild scenes.

It doesn’t always go to plan with a number of near crashes and one very serious one.

Under Suzuki suffered a 250kmh spin after a delaminated tyre spun the car. This seemed to be the theme throughout the two days with a number of cars destroying tyres.

When you look at the tyre rating and the load these cars are pushing it does make sense.

The shear beauty of time attack race cars is still apparent.

Built for speed but finished in style.

The Sutton S15 will always be my car of choice.

But this year a new contender entered the fold, the DreamWorks S15 of Charles Warland.

An incredible machine.

The car had a flawless outing with little setup time due to fast changing track conditions.

So may details to get in but so hard to get a good look at it in the pits.

There was just so much to look at.

I took a few minutes away from the stand to check it all out.

2019 WTAC was incredible.

A big thanks to all the legends who I met and caught up with.

I always appreciate the support. Till 2020! See you there.

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