Building a twin system for a SuperDuke 1290

I was hoping that this job would be my first within the new shop but I was a little naive to think that that it was going to be setup so soon.

Good things take time though and my vision for the new space is for it to stand alone without having to strip my home garage.

What this means is I can work from both locations and separate the two spaces but be able to produce quality workmanship in both.

Anyway there’s enough of that chat to make up another post so let me tell you about this exhaust that I made for Alex and his beautiful KTM

The design brief was thorough and Alex knew exactly what he wanted, he supplied the mufflers and it was up to me to make the rest.

I have done a lot of this stuff and the difficulty is taken away but just putting the extra care into the preparation and setup.

Spend an extra 5 minutes on each bend and save yourself hours on the final finish weld.

It helps when your TIG welder is the perfect tool for the job, this SWS Alumtig is on another level when it comes to fine tuning your weld.

Alex supplied this stainless mesh and wanted it inserted into the muffler for the GP feel.

Overall it came out great.

Just listen to it! Thanks Alex for the work I hope you get many happy miles out of it.

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