Hilux ft Falken tyres at Summernats 2019

I’ll start this post off by explaining how good it feels to drive this machine.

An electric mix of emotions and feelings.

The MotorEx demos cemented that its a a really fun car to drive, when I stop worrying about the mechanics of it all and just have a good time it starts to feel really flowing and natural.

The time has finally come to start improving its already amazing balance.

That began my search for some proper rubber!

I am excited to be running the Falken RT615K+ for next years Summernats demos and cant wait to use this iconic tyre on the Hilux.

What makes it even better is that I was able to talk the guys at Falken Tyre about doing more in the future and being able to show my support and grattitude in the form of a window banner.

Big thanks to Dan and Darc from XIBIT Creative for hooking this up last minute.

For your info these are Falken Azenis RT615K+ 235/40/18 on the 18×9.5 wheels.

Time to load it up for Summernats demos.

But not before I fitted up my travel buddy rack.

Which I made for my NZ trip to film Dream Build Drive.

I cant wait for Summernats, it has long been an event that I have wanted to visit in this.

If your around the Canberra area make sure you call in for a look.

Big thanks to Falken Tyre Australia for this opportunity and I look forward to tearing up some Falken RT615K+’s and feeling the Hilux react to the changes.

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