WTAC 2018 – The combo deal

I have lost count of how many WTAC events I have been to.

In the early days I was there as a driver, then I started combining a trade stand with my driving duties, then the support for ETS grew to a point that I had trouble managing them both and decided to be there as a trade display only.

It doesn’t make my days any quieter it just makes the event much more manageable for me, I can put 100% into meeting people and reinforcing what ETS stands for.

Because these cars and bikes have a story to tell and just looking at them wont give you the appreciation they deserve.

To have the BMW R Nine TE Racer on display with the RPS13 it resembles was a sweet moment for me. I could finally combine the two worlds and show the crowd the finished product of my vision. The response completely blew me away, this was a car event after all but I didnt see many people walk past this bike without fully stopping, smiling, taking a picture and asking a few questions about its construction. I let a few people down after explaining how stock it was.

I also get a great feel for who and why people decided to support me via merchandise, it all keeps the wheels rolling.

From people gaining ideas and inspiration from this website.

To those excited to see what I do in detail.

Stepping away from the stand and doing a pit walk is always a buzz for me, the pits are filled with my childhood heroes.

Up and down pit lane there was that WTAC buzz that only this event can have.

It’s a unique platform with very little downtime, essentially you have two days to go as fast as you can, strategies change from team to team, cars improve as the days go by and limits are tested to breaking point.

The emphasis will always remain on the birthplace of the sport…… Japan.

The Japanese teams and drivers that are brought out to Australia are a testament to the event.

They keep the WTAC DNA firmly in place.

I bet the Japanese come to this event and get just as many ideas as we would do going to theirs.

For Keiichi Tsuchiya he only had to bring his driving suit and a helmet.

Because he was piloting Beau Yates revised 86.

With recent additions to switch from Drift car to Time Attack car.

Making it one of the most desired cars in Australian Motorsport.

Continuing down pit lane you start to get an idea for the level of craftsmanship.

Extremely well built race cars readied for an all out attack on the stop watch.

Each car is full of motorsport innovation and technology and WTAC is creating some really diverse and skilled team members.

A combination of power.


And grip.

But for some its about simplicity and balance.

There is a lot to take in and a lot to learn.

And it doesn’t stop in the pit lane, there’s horsepower everywhere you look.

I loved Ian Porters BA Falcon ute!

It combines just about everything I love.

There was just so much to look at.

I want to thank everyone who came out and expressed interest in what I do, I don’t realize the impact that these pages have on some peoples lives and I can’t thank them enough for expressing that to me. I really love what I do and I hope I can continue to be a fixture at WTAC for years to come.

See you next year…. Oh and I promise I wont leave the Hilux at home for another year.

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