Red Line Oils

My plan for this season was to enjoy what I have, get back to the track and keep everything maintained to the highest level.

Although this is a one man operation I do call on help in the form of product support from time to time.

These pages have opened up a lot of great opportunities for me over the years, a visit to SEMA last year opened up another great opportunity in the form of a Red Line Oils partnership.

I needed support in the form of liquid consumables, I have high expectations and always searching for the best oils for all my machinery.

And when I say ALL I mean ALL! Thats the good thing about Red Line, they really suit my needs.

With such a diverse collection of machinery it means a lot to have race proven oils in them all.

So what did I choose?

In all three SR20 Powered cars I will be using 10W30 Race oil. In the Hilux and RPS13 I will be using the Red Line Power Steering fluid. I am also keen to try out their Water Wetter coolant additive, it doubles the wetting ability of water and aids the heat transfer.

One product I have used for the past 10 years with huge success is the Red Line Shockproof Gear Oil, drifting requires a lot of driveline shock, with Red Lines Shockproof Gear oil it’s formulated to have low drag, low viscosity while still cushioning the gear mesh under extreme pressure.

I don’t have an issue with brakes on the Hilux, it is only 900kg after all.

The true test will be in the PS13, with Phillip Island Sprint days coming up ill be putting the Red Line RL-600 Brake Fluid to the test.

The diff will use the same ShockProof fluid as the gearbox but the last line of drive comes in the form of the Red Line CV-2 High Pressure grease that will now keep the rear driveshafts CV joints in order.

I am extremely grateful to have the support of a company that produces a product that not only suits my needs but takes my maintenance program to another level, my dream has always been to be able to have my workshop setup so that I have everything I need onhand to build, compete, service and repair my machinery.

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