Summer Break

Its good to be back in the pines!

The end of 2017 took a long time to roll around for me, I packed so much in that time just started standing still. I often warn myself that my hyper productive nature is harmful and that I should take some time to soak up the things I have made and done before moving onto the next. My summer breaks are my favorite time of the year, I pack my van, my trailer and head north to the ideal climate.

It’s a typically Australian getaway, 3 years ago we bought a cabin in the high country.

It’s set in a quiet little caravan park on the river.

Out the back gate is a world of fun.

My idea of relaxing is taking a ride on two wheels.

Hot days with the bluest skies you have ever seen.

Followed by cool nights.

Our dogs absolutely love it aswell.

Every day is an adventure up here.

My 1986 Harley isn’t quiet suited to the conditions but it was the best thing I had in the garage at the time.

I used a tank a fuel a day exploring the region.

Waking the wildlife.

And making my own tracks.

Garaged exotics.

I hadn’t been to a Rodeo in a while.

It was a fun night out.

If you didn’t get crushed.

It’s just nice stepping into a different world for the night.

But tomorrow was calling.

I decided to book a few days on the shuttle service that runs up and down the Mystic Mountain Bike Park.

This time last year I discovered the Hero Trail, I had never really been that into MTB until now, I love big jumps, berms, rollers and flowing trail and when I discovered a 10 minute long downhill BMX track then I quickly equipped myself for the ride.

My bikes now as dialed as I can get it and blows me away at what it puts up with.

Over the space of a few weeks I rode every second day until I couldn’t hold onto the handlebars anymore, I needed a day off to recoup in between shuttle sessions but I really loved the feeling of physical exhaustion.

I do need a wheel upgrade though as those big jumps started taking their toll on my hardware.

It really is paradise.

Two wheels to a good time.

Swimming, eating, drinking, riding, sun, that 2017 summer break will go down as one of the best!

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